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Friday, June 1, 2012

Try New Things

It's a new month, a new summer, and a great time for everyone to try new things.  In that spirit, I've joined the Summer Blog Challenge -- one post a day from June 1 through August 31. 

Day 1 (June 1) -- Why are you doing this challenge?

I have joined this challenge because I often feel like I have ideas to share, but I need an extra little push.  I'm hoping that this challenge will help me become more consistent posting to my blog.  Plus, I'm sure this will encourage me to do more with the time I am given each day.

In the vein of "trying new things," I am working a little at tweaking the look of the blog...Aunt Nancy didn't think Booger's picture really was an accurate picture for the content of the blog.  I've changed it temporarily,  but I'm still thinking on a better banner idea.  I'm also trying to learn more about buttons and linky and other blog don't be surprised if you come to the site and it has changed here and there...I just hope you all like the little changes (that will happen IF I can figure out blogger. ;)

What new things are you trying this summer?  Have a great weekend, and take care of you!

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