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Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Finds - Glass & Aluminum

You may have picked up from past posts that I have a bit of an obsession with glass (any kind) and aluminum dishes.  When I went to the thrift shops last week I was specifically looking for glass to use for terrariums--not for me--but for a teen program at the library.  I just happened to run into a great aluminum dish deal while looking.  YAY!!

When I was researching the internet for examples of terrariums for the teens to view, I found a few in old coffee pots.  Now I have an added place to look at thrift stores because there are some really cool pots--like the one above with pine cones.  Isn't it pretty?

Now to the aluminum!  I got this great grab bag of "old aluminum dishes" for $4.

There's a whole bunch of jello molds, old measuring cups, a great little funnel, a dented pitcher (love!), some super heavy forks, and a meat tenderizer without a handle.

The "GREASE" pot was not in the bag, but I got it on the same trip for $0.50.  It still had the catch pan in the top so that your grease stayed pure.  You'd pour bacon grease (or whatever type of grease you had) in the top while the grease was still hot.  The grease would fall through, but the crumbs/crackles would stay in the catch pan.  Healthy, huh?
 I ended up keeping some of the glass I bought for the teens, but that is the joy of donating only donate what you want to donate.  ; )

Here's Ms. Robin who decided to build her nest on the motion detection light that shines in my bedroom window.  I went out at midnight to loosen the lights so they would go OFF so I could SLEEP.  Isn't she cute?
 Have a good weekend, and take care of you!

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