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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day #5

Your short term goals for the month and why those goals...

My June goals are:

1)  Complete Cooper's Quilt

2)  Complete the new cover for the library bird's birdcage cover

3)  Complete doxie-mobile

4)  My husband and I are trying to NOT go out to eat at supper (dinner or the evening meal to those of you non-Midwesterners) more than two times this month...we'll see...

Why these goals:

1)  Cooper's Quilt was supposed to be given to him for his 2nd birthday on May 12...oops!  Trying to not be more than one month late!  I just need to stop being lazy!  (I worked on it today...not too much more and it will be done!!)

2)  The library bird's cage cover is in atrocious shape...tatters's embarrassing and we have lots of folks coming in for the summer reading program.  It really shouldn't take long, so I just need to stop being lazy!

3)  I've had several stuffed dachshunds cut out since January.  I'd really like the pieces to get out of my craft room, so I just need to stop being lazy!

4)  My husband and I have a terrible habit of eating out 3 - 5 times a week (for supper.)  There are several reasons for this...we used to drive truck, and we got used to eating out more than not...we don't have children, so we don't feel as required to eat at home to teach good's easy...we're lazy...we like to choose different get the picture...Bad Jeanne & we make "goals" like this on occasion...

What are your plans for June?  Have a wonderful evening, and take care of you!

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  1. We definitely eat out less now that we have a child. I always resolve that "we don't need to go out this weekend" and then my husband suggests it. How can I say no? :-)