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Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day #11

Best Day of Your Life

I have been contemplating what to write about for this post ever since I saw it on the blog challenge list.  At the risk of being much more morose than intended, here is what I consider the best day of my far.

On a rare, perfect April day in Nebraska, free of wind and with a perfect temperature, my father-in-law, Howard, my husband, Trevor, and I headed to a nearby lake.  The middle of the week in April meant that we were the only ones on the lake.  I had taken a day off from my super-stressful job.  Trevor had taken the day off to spend with me.  Howard had tagged along because we don't get to go fishing without him! 

After fishing for a while, I decided to pull in my lines and just lay down in the front of the boat.  I didn't feel quite like myself, so I was just going to lay down in the sunshine and meditate.  I thought about the last few years, about the people I had lost, my Grandma, and Step-Grandpa, Trevor's various aunts and had been a tough couple of years.  As usual, I kind of talked to my Grandma in my head.  I told her that I finally felt like I was going to be okay...without her. 

I also thought about what the doctor had told Trev and I about our inability to get pregnant.  He wanted me to go to a specialist in Omaha; but that was not in our modest budget.  Every three months I had to go into the doctor (if I hadn't had a period) to have a pregnancy test and, when they knew for sure I wasn't pregnant, they would give me medicine to force a period and start the process all over again.  What fun! 

I knew it was about time to go in again, and that always made me a bit poopy.  However, as I laid there thinking that I really should not be feeling nauseous on a boat that wasn't even rocking...the lakes like glass...I suddenly realized something.  I was nauseous; I had been super tired lately; my boobs hurt...Oh my goodness!  I knew!  I knew I was pregnant!

Even though I knew I was prego, I didn't want to get Trevor's hopes up without I just laid there on the boat deck, smiling, soaking up the sun and the peace and the happiness.  I dreamed about our little boy who would be ornery and naughty and smart just like Trevor...I just  knew it was a boy.  I took in the wonder, the responsibility, the joy that comes to you when you realize you are going to be a parent. 

That whole day was wonderful!  Life was perfect.

As the next few months train-wrecked around Trevor and I, I often looked back to this wonderful day.  I think you need days like that to bolster you for the bad times.  In June, a friend of ours fell to her death while at work.  In July, two co-workers I was particularly close to me had major losses...One lost her sister to anorexia; Another was in a traffic accident with her whole family.  Her 16 year old daughter was killed; her young son had major head trauma.  Then on August 31, my baby boy, Hank, was still born.  As if that wasn't horrible enough, September saw a 25-year old young man who worked for Trevor killed in another car wreck. 

It was quite honestly a terrible summer.  Tragedy really does make you appreciate the simple, perfect days all that much more.

Too morose? 

Have a great day, and take care of you!


  1. I am stunned. I have never experienced even a teaspoonful of the loss and tragedy you have experienced. You must be so strong to live through all of that! I hope that 2012 will be a much kinder year for you and your loved ones.

    1. Thank you for reading and for your kind comments, Savannah! We are all stronger than we think.

  2. I loved reading this ^^ different people, different life, different story.. but we can always learn from them.. ;) great sharing :)

    1. Thank you! We can learn from each other if we have an open mind.

  3. Bless your heart. I'm heartbroken for your loss, but so joyed because of your ability to treasure the moments that are important. They sure do make the heartbreaks worth it, don't they?

    1. Thank you, Shayla! Yes...the simple moments in life are priceless.