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Friday, January 13, 2012


I've been seeing a lot of inspirational "dream" quotes all over lately.  The one thing they all seem to have in common is the directive that we must act, do, move, in order for any dream to come true.  That was somewhat the reason behind me starting this blog.  I have tons of books, ideas, and materials to craft to my heart's content.  But, if I have the stuff and never actually do anything to complete crafts, then the stuff is really quite worthless and just a waste of space and money.

I truly considered getting rid of all my "crafty" stuff--my sewing machine, my material, my thrifty finds I planned to remake into something special to me.  However, I always feel better if I am crafting.  It lifts my self-esteem--even if the project turns out so-so or yucky.  I just feel good when I am *doing* rather than sitting on the sidelines saying, "I could do that..."

Remember the little train that could became the little train that DID.  So whatever your dream is...being crafty, a clean house, a stronger relationship, fitness, better eating habits, better job, and educational goal, a spiritual goal, etc.  Make the time to do something to make it happen!

Okay...enough of my soapbox for today...

I found a great pair of end tables that were perfect for our bedroom last week.  I paid $8 total.  I've been repainting them this week, and I'll have before and after pictures for you on Monday.  I also bought a few more old suitcases...I really must do something with these soon.  I have quite a collection because in December, on a very cold day, my husband indulged me and went with me to an outdoor auction.  Within five minutes of the start of the auction, I had purchased a pile of around 10 hard suitcases in all kinds of sizes for $1.  I felt like I'd hit the jackpot!  Trevor was a sweetheart -- hauling them all to the pick-up; I only heard him mutter something about using them to pack my stuff up once.  He's SO funny!

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