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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Finds--Ties, Plastic Frogs, and Sheets!

I love, love, love to go to thrift stores, garage sales, and the ultimate fun—AUCTIONS!  Since I have a great job that gives me every Friday off, I’ve made this into “Me-day.”  I do things that I enjoy and I usually hit a few thrift stores to see what great things I can find…unless I know of a great auction on the weekend.  In Nebraska, though, most auctions are not held in the winter time, so thrift store hopping I go.
Here are some great little things I found on a recent trip:

I was SOOOO excited to find the plastic frogs...which I hope I can turn into a bowl.  I was also glad to find CHEAP ties...bought lots of ties, so I hope I can turn them into something neat and different.  The "purple" in the back is a "bakery" for a doll by Melissa & Doug.  It's all wood and has a magnetized closure.  It won't be a bakery when I'm done with it!

Sheets and Pillow Cases!  What great canvasses for creativity!

I'm a sucker for bed sheets and pillow cases because you can turn them into so many different things.  When I buy a whole bed sheet for $1, I feel okay if I try something that doesn't work out...I mean, I'm only out a dollar and some time, right?

My aunt said that she knew someone that had turned this same vintage Peanuts (c) sheet into a blanket by quilting it ... maybe I'll do that too.  It may just be too cute to cut up into pieces.  I especially like the motif with Snoopy thinking to Woodstock, "It's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you're happy!"  Charles Schultz was an absolute genius!

And some things you just get because they are so cute!  What librarian could resist the little gnome reading??

You’ll probably see some of these pop up again in my attempts to be crafty!  What do you do to have a little economical fun?

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