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Monday, January 23, 2012

Yo-yo push pins

I was cruising through the Anthropologie website when I saw these yo-yo pushpins for your bulletin board.  Here's the link and picture:
I thought that this would be really, really easy to make.  So, here's how I made my own:
I cut out 8-1 inch circles (I traced a quarter) out of an old notebook cover (thin plastic)--I just wanted something to stabilize the cotton fabric used for the yo-yo.  I used super-cheap flat-head push pins that would "disappear" in the middle of the yo-yos.

Next, I chose a colorful cotton fabric from my stash.  I traced 8-2 1/2 inch circles onto the wrong side of the cotton.  (I used the bottom of a spray paint can...I know, really scientific!)  I cut out the circles leaving about a 1/4 inch extra ring around the circle, making the circle approximately 2 3/4 inches big.

Don't worry about that pencil will disappear when the yo-yo is complete.
Next I used just a little bit of glue (from a glue stick) to tack the plastic disk into the middle of the yo-yo's wrong side.  Then I stuck a push pin through the middle of the plastic disk.
Now the hard work is done...time to make the yo-yo.  I used the pencil line as my guide as to how much to fold the edge of the circle.  You will want to fold the edge in toward the plastic disk.

Then, you just pull the string to form the yo-yo, tie-off your thread.  You could add small beads or buttons at this point if you wanted to add a little something-something. are done!

The finished push-pin is just slightly larger than 1 inch around.
 These go together really fast, and they are cute!  How fast you ask?  I got three done in less than 20 miles on a two-lane road while my husband drove 70 mph in a snowstorm...they are quick...especially once you are just sewing the seam.  I made mine all out of the same fabric, but this would be great for those little pieces you have left in your stash. 

If you haven't done yo-yos before, keep in mind that you want a pretty thin fabric--preferably cotton.  This would not be a good project for denim or fleece!

Wouldn't these make great little gifts?  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  Take care of you!

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