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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rain Gardens by Lynn Steiner and Robert Domm

I checked out RAIN GARDENS by Lynn Steiner and Robert Domm from the library this week.  There are lots of ideas for gorgeous collections of flowers that come back year after year.  The book also shows how to specifically set up the gardening space in order to take advantage of rain water.  There is also information on rain garden roofs and ponds.

When we moved into our little house, our yard contained many of the flowers suggested in this book--phlox, ferns, lily of the valley, wild onion, and columbine.  While beautiful, we ended up removing these plants due to my extreme phobia of snakes.
I wish I could overcome this phobia because I feel that the rain garden type of yard is better for the environment and is beautiful.  However, the many near heart attacks I had when we were infested with snakes made Trevor decide that I should only have flowers in pots.  He usually does most of the weeding and harvesting in the garden as well.  I help until I see a snake; then I run (screaming) inside and lock the doors.  Real mature--I know.
I know the garter snakes around here are great for the environment and pose no danger to me.  However, rational thought has no place in a phobic mind.
Have you ever overcome a phobia?  How did you do it?
Have a super day, and take care of you!!

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