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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Advice for the space-crunched gardener

I received the book VERTICAL GARDENING by Derek Fell for Christmas,,,thanks Mom & Dad.  There are tons of ideas on how to get ample production from small space gardening.  Trevor and I are trying some of these this year to see how they work.

The author gives you ideas on how to plant, what to plant, and when to plant.  He suggested plants that I did not even realize existed.  Instead of leaf spinach, he suggests vine spinach that can be grown on a trellis.  That is one thing I am trying this year.  We're still planting some leaf spinach because we eat so much of it in the summer.

Another thing I am trying to convince Trevor to try is to build a screen that sits at an angle to protect leaf lettuce from the afternoon sun.  He says to plant cucumbers so that they grow up the screen and absorb the afternoon sun.  This gives the cukes all the sun and heat they love, but protects the leaf lettuce--the idea being that you can harvest leaf lettuce further into the summer season.  Sounds like a winner to me!

I did get the feeling that the author's idea of "small spaced gardening" was bigger than the entire lot that we own, but that doesn't detract from the good ideas and tips given in the book.  Check it out if you want some growing inspiration!

Have a super week, and take care of you!

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