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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Finds

Last week I only bought a couple of books on my Friday thrift store rambles.  I had items in my hand to purchase at the second (last) store I was at, but here is why I didn't buy...

Instinct told me to pass up this store and go to the next because even as I pulled into the parking lot, I could see there were LOTS of people inside due to the large number of vehicles parked there.  Next, as I am walking into the store, a woman is dragging a screaming toddler behind her.  Why don't people just go home when their child so obviously needs a nap, a change, some food, something! other than going to a store?  This child proceeded to SCREAM loud enough to be heard throughout the store over the piped in radio noise.  Plus, apparently every adult (other than me) had brought numerous children (that they must have hyped up on sugar and/or caffeine) with them and then abandoned said children to their own devices.  Kids were playing hide-and-seek, pulling items off the hangers, yanking open grab bags, pushing over furniture/bikes, and breaking glass.  MASS MAYHEM!

Through it all, I did find a few things I wanted to purchase.  However, when I went toward the checkouts, I saw a line with SEVEN full carts.  So, I decided I didn't need anything THAT badly.  I was plenty frazzled just from the screaming, running children.  I certainly did not want to spend an hour in the one-and-only check-out line.  Honestly, I've had less traumatic nightmares than that trip to the thrift store.  Moral of the story--Trust those instincts!!!

I went back a few days later to see if I could grab my few items, but they were all gone.  Oh, well!

TGIF and take care of you!

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