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Monday, March 5, 2012

...the best laid plans of mice and men...

I had a GREAT weekend off from work, but I didn't do the things I thought I was going to do.  The auction was a bust, and I didn't  plant any seeds because Trevor said, "It's still way too early!"  So, we agreed to put off planting flower seeds for three weeks.

We did get some work done in the house which is always good.  Plus, we just enjoyed being with each other all weekend, and that is the best!  While doing some cleaning, we about lost Shiloh...literally...We had the cold air return cover off so I could wash it, and Shiloh (who is mostly blind) fell right into the cold air return...disappeared...Trevor was close, so he stuck his arm down the cold air return and grabbed Shiloh's tail.  When he pulled Shiloh out, the poor dog's head was covered with dust bunnies.  Trevor then said we should tie a rope to Shiloh and send him down the return to clean the ducts...ha...ha...  Shiloh was just looking around like "What the heck just happened?!?"  He wouldn't leave my side for the rest of the day.

Now...for the project...a journal least that was the intent!

I planned to make a journal cover using an old pair of jeans and some precious* fabric.  However, I started the project one day and finished the next...apparently I thought one size of seam allowances on day one than I did on day two.  Result?  A journal cover that is 1/2" too short.  EPIC FAIL!! 

My first genius thought--I'll try one of my other journals (I am a hoarder of journals/notebooks), but apparently there is some kind of "industry standard" for journals because they were all about the same length...all too long for my stunted cover!  Go figure!

The change in seam allowance didn't make the width too short because I had added extra length because the point of the journal cover was including a place to carry a few pens (that weren't in a bag...)

SO, I am including a few pictures, but no instructions...I will re-do the project (writing down the measurements & seam allowances as I go) and post in the future.

See the journal's bottom peeking out the end?
Have a super day, and take care of you!

*  Precious Fabric is fabric in your collection that you feel is SOOOO pretty that you feel you shouldn't even cut it just sits in your fabric collection instead of being enjoyed.  I try to remember that 'precious' fabric is exactly what I should use so I can enjoy it more...

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