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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Days 36 & 37

Day 36 **What is a holiday tradition you have in your family?**

We don't have a lot of "traditions."  The only tradition I could really think of is that on Christmas Eve we always have chili.  We often also have another type of soup available for those who don't like chili.  Sometimes I make cinnamon rolls or cornbread.  Everything has to be put away - dishes done - before the presents can be opened.

Day 37 **Something You  Would Attempt If You Knew You Wouldn't Fail**

Hmmm...I would probably write novels.  I use plural because I wouldn't want to write just one.  I have several stories in my head that run the gamut from serious to funny...romantic to literary.  Follow through seems to be my main problem.  I have so much I want to do, but I start things and then move on to something new.  Quilts, crafts, cooking, canning, writing, etc.
Lola...wondering why I am making her stand on two legs...

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