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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 48

As you may have noticed, I've been kind of slacking off on the blog challenge...there were several prompts for which I just didn't have much of an why waste the cyberspace?

Anyway, I thought I could add to today's discussion.

**5 things to do when the power is OUT**

This somewhat depends on the time of day and duration of the power outage, but here goes!

  • Pet your animals...special one-on-one time petting the dog is awesome!
  • Talk to each other with no interruptions!
  • Look for the flash light...for us this usually takes the whole time of the outage...we turn on the flash light just as the power comes back on. 
  • There is a reason that births go way up 9 months after a big power outage or blizzard. Get busy with your honey...
  • During prolonged outages, clean up the permitting...some housecleaning can also be done like mopping floors and excuses because you can't watch TV, get on the internet, etc.
  • READ!!!  This should be happening even when there is not a power outage, but as long as there is light, you can read!
  • Practice an instrument that has been sitting idle during your hustle-bustle life.
  • Play card games or board games or outdoor games like tag
  • Help those in your neighborhood who cannot help themselves--like the elderly--in any way you can; Even just talking to the can be helpful!
I'm very lucky because I have never been through a prolonged power outage.  I feel for those that do go through the big outages because it almost always is caused by extreme weather which can make some of my suggestions seem trite.

Have a wonderful day, and take care of you!


  1. I love the talk to each other idea... but my husband wouldn't be thrilled with it since it would be me rambling on about yarn and Pinterest.

    Lol, great post though!

    1. It's worth a try, though! Thanks for reading!