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Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 32


My cousin Maddie spent the majority of her life profoundly handicapped.  Her mind was normal, but she was unable to communicate with most people, and she couldn't control most body movement; She had trouble controlling her body temperature; She suffered from seizures.  My Aunt Nancy adopted Maddie as an infant.  Maddie could communicate with Nancy with eye movements.  Her body finally gave up last year.  As she was dying, this poem came to me; at Nancy's request, I read it at her celebration of life last July.

When I get to heaven, things will be so different for me.

I will sing!

I will laugh!

I will dance!

I will make new friends, and I will TALK their ears off!

I have so many stories to tell, opinions, thoughts…
and EVERYONE will be able to hear and understand me.

I will go to the mountains and YELL…
just to hear my beautiful voice echo back to me.

When I get to heaven, things will be so different for me.

In life I have dealt gracefully with pain,
but I won’t know pain any more.

In life I have dealt gracefully with being wheelchair bound,
but I won’t have a wheelchair anymore.

I don’t ever have to sit again…unless I want to.

In life I have known great love from my mom, my family, my friends.
I know that will never change.

I will still be around at times—
to comfort my mom,
to remind her of the good times we had,
to remind her of how much I LOVE HER,
to let her know I miss her, too.

When I get to heaven, things will be so different for me.

I will play!

I will run!

I will jump!

I will roll in a meadow of wildflowers,
watching the beautiful colors dance in the sunlight.

I will play in the snow! I will dance in the rain!
I will swim and ride a bike and eat blueberries if I feel like it.

I will do all the things I’ve always wanted so much to do!

I have quite a long list of things to do,
and I will start at the top, or maybe in the middle…

As an aside...Today is the day that I married my honey.  Happy Anniversary, Trevor!  You are my everything.

Have a wonderful holiday week, and take care of you!


  1. that's a great poem, what a wonderful thing your aunt did...she will be rewarded richly in Heaven! I am happy Maddie already has her glorified body and is doing all those things she was robbed of in her earthly body. Happy Belated Anniversary to you (it's our 15th today coincidentally)

    1. Thank you for reading! I am glad you enjoyed it. Maddie was so special, and my aunt is amazing for what she as done as well. Happy anniversary! Jeanne