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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SMALL IS BOUNTIFUL by Liz Dobbs and Anne Halpin

This week's book selection is about container gardening with vegetables.  The chapters are titled "small bites," "bigger servings," "going up," "how to grow," and and extensive part of the book is dedicated to "what to grow."

The pictures are beautiful.  There are specific instructions for different pre-planned pots that are themed around salad, herbs, or a main dish like pesto.  The "what to grow" section gives each vegetable a two page detailed description including what you need to get started, maintaining the crop in a container, and when to harvest.

The book helped me add a couple more plants to my BOLO plant list.  I'm now looking for a trailing or tumbling tomato plant and a yellow squash in the Buckingham, Soleil, or Bush Baby variety...we'll see if I have any luck as spring moves along.
I planted several pots with seeds this last weekend.  I decided to just leave them outside to grow since it has been such an amazingly warm spring here in Nebraska.  If they don't grow, I'll just have to go to plan B--and purchase them from a local greenhouse.
Lola and Booger in front of my mother-in-law's gorgeous tulips
Have a great day, and take care of you!

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