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Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Own Little Makeover -- Flower Bed

Over two days of our vacation, Trevor and I removed rock, sod, and dying rose bushes from our flower bed.  We enlarged the flower bed and planted (1) Huckleberry Bush, (1) Helene Von Stein Lamb's Ear, (2) Blue Mist Shrubs, (2) Bloodstone Thrift Plants, and (4) Sweetspire Little Henry Plants.




I bought the little fisherboy and the schoolgirl at an auction for $15; The bronzed butterflies were from another auction for $1; The hedge hogs were $1 each at a thrift shop; The 'bird bath' is a milk glass vase from an auction box and a candy dish lid (missing the bottom) that was too pretty to throw away...
Close up of the "Bird Bath"
  It was a lot of fun to spruce up the front of our home together.  I wanted to stick with rock just because of the environmental issues with mulch, but Trev really wanted the mulch.  I have to admit that it looks really nice.  He wasn't too sure about my upcycled bird bath, but he said he really liked it once he saw it in the flower bed...and hey, it's a lot cheaper than buying a new bird bath!  It was so nice to spend extra time with Trevor.

Do you have any landscaping plans for this spring??

Have a super week, and take care of you!

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