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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mending? Who knew?

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Do you remember hearing Grandma talk about 'darning socks' or 'patching jeans'?  Well, author Kristin M. Roach, creator of has created a book to remind OR teach all of us how to creatively mend clothing rather than throwing it away or giving it to a thrift store.  That's what "Mend It Better" is all about.

I've seen LOTS of clothes at thrift shops that are perfect except for an issue with a closure (button, snap, or zipper) or a rip in the seam that can be easily fixed.  I usually grab those up (EXCEPT for the zipper problems) and easily fix them for an inexpensive addition to my wardrobe. 

Ms. Roach has chapters dedicated to fixes using patchwork, surface fixes, seam fixes, straight hems, around the waist, darning, fasteners and closures, zippers -- yes a whole chapter, just to name a few.  She even has a checklist to decide 'to mend or not to mend.'  If zippers intimidate you (don't be ashamed...they intimidate me!) then the chapter on zippers is truly helpful.  She has specific instructions for different kinds of zipper problems and how to fix them.  She also has detailed instructions on replacing a zipper in a pair of jeans. 

Another suggestion is resizing favorites.  Her example was a maternity sweater that she just loved...but of course it was way too big after the baby came.  She added binding around the stretched neck line, cut off some of the "extra" in the middle, and added some awesome ties using leather and cotton.  It's worth finding the book at the library just to see what she did with this sweater!  I just wish that my problem was needing to make clothes smaller...instead of bigger...oh, well!

Do you mend any clothing?  If not, what do you do when a favorite piece of clothing has a problem?
Have a great week, and take care of you!

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