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Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Friday...

ENERGY--Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months, years, etc. where you have lots to do, but you just don't feel like taking it on?  That was my week...I decided to blow off pretty much everything and just read fluffy romance novels.  It was a nice change of pace, but I better not do that all of the time!

SPRING--I wish it would get here, already!  I want to try growing my own flowers from seed this year instead of spending way too much money at our local nurseries.  I have been saving all kinds of containers to use to start seedlings, but I think I have to wait until at least March 1 to actually plant the seeds since I can't put the flowers outside until May 15 (at the earliest.)

I thought about purchasing the seeds online, but that doesn't support my local economy, so I have been going to the hardware and plant stores to see if they have what I want.  I already decided that if they don't have what I want, I will just have to change what I want!

My favorites are good old stand-bys--petunias, snapdragons, and geraniums.  I know they aren't outrageous, but they are beautiful when in full bloom.  AND, they bloom all summer!

 I usually have several pots with this similar arrangement around my home.
Photo courtesy of
I love snapdragons!  You have to be careful, though.  Snapdragons come in trailing, short, medium, and tall.  I accidentally ended up with three foot tall snapdragons in one of my pots last year...OOPS! 
Photo courtesy of
I also plan on making my own seed tape for my vegetable garden so that my carrots, radishes, and green onions will be more evenly spaced this year.  Last year I did not get my carrots thinned out before they were too big to really thin out.  I ended up with some carrots wound around each other in ways that were somewhat disturbing!

BOOGER--Booger had his annual shots today.  He was not impressed.  I don't remember him ever being such a weenie at the vet before!  He whined and whimpered and tried to get away.  Then he left them a really fresh stool sample...I don't think they needed it to be quite THAT fresh...Now he is grumpy and pouting.  It must be terrible to be a dog!

Have a great day, and take care of you!

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