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Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Finds

Did anybody watch "Happy Endings" on ABC on Wednesday night?  I feel Max's pain--I, too, turn into a grumpy bear when I am completely tired of winter.  I am usually sick of winter long before it is gone from the Nebraska plains.  I had a bad case of cabin fever this last week...yikes!

Last Friday, I drove east of my wonderful town to check out the thrift stores in a couple of other towns.  I hit the "crafty" jackpot.  I was able to purchase two pillow forms (still in the plastic) for $1 each!  Plus, I purchased a bunch of buttons and trim in silver/gold for Christmas ornaments for $0.05 - $0.25 each!  I also bought a few more pillowcases, so I really must make my Monday project this next week shopping totes out of pillowcases.  They are SUPER EASY!
A few other goodies...a little boy figurine that I will put out at the cemetery, a Beatrix Potter book for $0.25, a Pampered Chef bread pan for $4, and a pair of Eastland shoes for $4.  What a good trip!

Have a great Friday, and take care of you!

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