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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Creativity, Saving the World, and a Totally Off-Topic Question...

I checked out the book Hoopla: the Art of Unexpected Embroidery by Leanne Prain from my local library this week.  If you want to see some truly strange things that people embroider, needlework, or cross-stitch...this is the book for you!  It's interesting, but it makes me think I am pretty boring!  I would never think of embroidering elaborate tattoos on dolls or embroidering anatomical graphics.  If you want to expand your way of looking at textile art, this is a good place to start.
Another book that may challenge your ideas of how important and great crafting can be is Craft Activism: People, Ideas, and Projects from the New Community of Handmade and How You Can Join In by Joan Tapper.  This book highlights different artists and regular people who use art to bring awareness to local and world problems or even take steps to solve problems about which they feel passionate.
I was most inspired by a woman in France who began in 2002 after a dead whale washed up on a Nomandy Beach.  The whale died because it had eaten so many plastic grocery bags.  Her idea?  Make inexpensive, reusable grocery bags from whatever material is readily available and give the bags away at grocery stores.  Her hope was and is that this act of kindness will encourage people to bring reusable bags with them when they shop.  There are now "pods" registered around the world that create 'morsbags' to give away locally; the website has free instructions for a simple shopping bag and labels to add to the bags in hopes that the good keeps on it forward style.  This woman is truly living the motto: "Think Globally, Act Locally."  For more information on morsbags, go to

Now for the Totally Off-Topic Question:  What is the best hand-made baby gift?  I have a good friend who is due to have her second child in about 2 months.  I made a baby quilt for the birth of her first child, so I wanted to make something different for this little bundle of joy.  Since I don't have any children myself, I don't know what is most appreciated and/or used by new parents...any thoughts?  She's having another boy if that helps.  Thanks in advance for any advice you are willing to throw my way!

Have a wonderful day, and take care of you!

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  1. I love your animal character blankets you made our boys. My aunt use to make cross stitched stuffed animals. She does the pieces and then had them put together for her. I know with all your sewing skills you could put it together yourself. I always wanted her to make ones for my boys but she has "retired" from cross stitching.