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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Traditions...

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year.  However, it can also be such a stressful time of the year.  Growing up, I dreamed of all the wonderful baking and crafting I would do with my children.  Since that is an unfulfilled dream, I've spent this year really trying to figure out how to still enjoy Christmas instead of dreading it.

Last year, I did not even put up a Christmas decorations...nada...  I thought this would make the season easier, but it did not.  It made it worse.  So this year I decided to put out moderate decorations and try to come up with a way to make this a special time of year for Trevor and me.

I decided to shower my husband with small gifts to let him know how much I love him.  I figure if they can make a super-annoying Christmas song about the '12 Days of Christmas', then I could come up with some goofy, small gifts for Trevor.

He was quite shocked when he figured out what I'd done.  He's been having fun with it.  He's also been bragging to his guys at work about how awesome his wife I think it's a success.  I got some great tags on the blog All Our Days.  Here's the link for the printable:

I read several ideas from different bloggers on what they use for gifts.  Some are pretty strict about sticking with the theme from the song.  I'm not...but I did happen to get something with the right number of items for a few of the days.  Here's what Trevor is enjoying:

1) A wallet
2) Turtles (instead of turtle doves...he's not a bird lover in any way, shape, or form!)
3) Pens -- he has a specific kind/color he likes to use for work...
4) 4 Starbucks cold Mocha Coffees
5) 5 pairs of boxer briefs
6) A small tin with mini-snickers
7) An Axe gift pack
8) A dreamcicle lollipop
9) A box of chocolate covered cherries...he loves these...I think YUCK!
10) Some camo zippered bags
11) Royal Milk Maid candies...he loves these...I also think these are disgusting!
12) 12 socks (or 6 pairs)

Trevor's favorite line is "All I want for Christmas is underwear and socks!"  I didn't get him socks and underwear last year, and he kind of razzed me about it.  Giving him socks and undies during the pre-Christmas celebration is just a better idea. 
Thanks to for the lovely image!
Merry Christmas!!  Take care of you!

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