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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finished Projects for Christmas...

Have any of you ever procrastinated on projects?  If not, are a better person than me!  I'm the queen of procrastination when it comes to one major thing...putting binding on a quilt!  I don't know why that particular part of the project is such a pain-inducing feat for me, but it is.  In fact, I decided that I was GOING to finish quilts from years past that were just waiting for binding.  My hope is that by getting some of my "old" projects out of my house, I will be inspired to craft more in the new year.

Quilt Project #1 -- This one didn't need binding, but I did have it mostly finished by May 2012--which was when I intended to give it to my adorable great nephew for his 2nd birthday.  I got it done for Christmas, but I had one minor problem to fix:
Shiloh looks on, shaking his head, thinking "Mom needs to take a second look at those directions!  That dog looks wrong!"
That's better!  I've made at least five of these quilts.  They are very forgiving quilts to make (other than the eye placement!), and kids seem to love them.  It's like a blanket and a friend in one warm fluffy bundle!
If you want to try a flannel rag quilt in the shape of an animal or reptile or bug, look for Simplicity 4993 (dog, cat, bear), Simplicity 2493(centipede, turtle, dinosaur), or Simplicity 2935 (butterfly, owl, flower.)
There is also one designed for fleece: Simplicity 3955 (panda bear, clown fish, ladybug).  I really think that you could do any of the "flannel rag quilts" with fleece, you just wouldn't have to put batting between the two layers...even easier.  Cutting out the pieces honestly takes longer than the sewing.

Quilt Project #2 -- My nephew's Marine Corps T-shirt quilt was supposed to be done for Christmas 2011.  The top was done, but I didn't get it to Red Door Quilting to get it quilted in time.  I got it done this year, and I think my nephew really liked it.
Booger loves to stand in front of the quilts when we take pictures. And, yes, we are from Nebraska, so the rug in our living room is a "Huskers" rug showcasing a football helmet.
Quilt Project #3 -- This is the most embarrassingly procrastinated project!  I made a quilt for my parents-in-law for their 50th wedding anniversary...which was in January 2008.  Mind you, the quilt has been quilted and folded in my sewing room for over 5 years--because I had it professionally quilted in November of 2007!  All it needed was the binding.  I had the material, I just didn't have any "just do it" in my body.  I showed it to my mother-in-law after it was quilted, but it had been so long that she didn't have ANY recollection of what it looked like...even after she saw it again.  I told her it was their 55th wedding anniversary present!  Ha...ha...
I bought the fabric panel with the vintage girl and her puppy pictures.  I didn't have any pattern to follow, so this is what I came up with.  My mother-in-law loved it...even if it was 5 years late!
I really feel that a weight is off of my chest just getting those old projects out of my sewing room.  I've got several projects to work on this next year, though.  My baby sister is graduating from high school, and I have a nephew getting married, and I'm sure other happy occasions will pop up throughout the year, so I'm ready to

I hope everyone had a fun and blessed Christmas season.  Don't forget to take care of you!

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