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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What to do with all of these scraps?!?

If you sew and/or quilt, you are most likely faced with the dilemma of what to do with fabric scraps.  I have always thrown them in a big basket and then wanted to cry when the basket gets full...what do I do with the fabric when the basket is full?  I had started cutting scrap pieces into 5" or 3" squares which I then gave to my Grandma who would make them into Linus Blankets for children in hospitals.  But I still get lazy and think maybe I'll just throw away scraps...but that's just plain wasteful.

In SCRAPTHERAPY:  CUT THE SCRAPS!, Joan Ford has come up with an organized and rational way to deal with scraps.  When I saw the book, I figured this was just another book with quilts that look okay with lots of different hodge-podge material.  That is not what this is...This has seven short chapters that explain Joan's system for cutting, sorting, storing, and using your scraps so that you don't feel wasteful and you get some great new projects from your scraps.  I'm excited to try this system.  It has to be better than having a bunch of scrunched up wads of odd shaped fabric in a basket...right?
Have a great day, and take care of you!

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