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Monday, May 21, 2012


A few weeks ago, I highlighted a book called TERRARIUM CRAFT by Amy Bryant Aiello, Kate Bryant and Kate Baldwin.  I loved the freedom the encouraged everyone to have with terrariums.  So....when I went to buy my summer flowers, I also purchased ten small succulents for my terrarium experiments. 

Here's what I started out with....
Assorted fun stuff that I hoped to use...some of it got used, and some of it didn't.  I had to go search some of my 'whimsy' stash to find a few more things...
Clear Glass Containers...that had been thoroughly cleaned.  I also had to have a bag of dirt, but I didn't figure you really wanted to see a bag of dirt.
What I ended up with....
6" pitcher with marbles and a Stonecrop (sedum indicum var. yunnanense)
I don't know what this jar is really made for, but I put the Jade Plant (crassula capitella) out the side opening.  Some blue glass beads are inside just to give it a little splash of color.
Not all of the plants ended up in a glass jar.  I lost the tag for this plant, so I don't remember what it is called.
This is a Watch Chain or Lizard's Tail (Crassula Muscosa Lycopodiodes).
A small ceramic puppy and a miniature aloe (aloe descoingsii)
I put a Burro's Tail (sedum morganianum) in a little ceramic container with birds on it; In the back I put a 'Tokyo Sun' stonecrop (sedum Japonicum) in a white egg cup.  Glass stones help keep the containers from moving around.
Another Jade Plant (crassula capitella) in a funky ceramic watering can I found at a thrift store or an auction...can't remember which...

Remember that great decanter that my Aunt Nancy spied on our thrift hop in Omaha?  Well, here it is with two cute little kids giving a squirrel a concert in front of a miniature blue chalk fingers (senicio) and a stonecrop (sedum lineare 'variegatum'). 

A little closer view...
Then I put them all together on my kitchen counter.  Here's what the grouping looks like:
The 'home sweet home' and angel pots with succulents are pots I've had for a few years.  They go so well with my new creations!

I think my terrariums turned out cute.  Now I just have to buy a new turkey baster so I can water them.  I know I had a turkey baster, but I can't find it.  Isn't that the way it always goes?  Trevor has been telling everyone how much he likes the decanter terrarium. 

Have you made any terrariums?  What do you think about the terrarium craze?  Wouldn't these make fun gifts?

Here's my sweet Shiloh dog camped out on the couch on my pillow.  He's trying to get rid of a nasty skin infection, so we've been treating him pretty special...poor old doggie...
Have a great week, and take care of you!

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